During pregnancy many women find themselves eating little and often.

Here are a few ‘tooth-friendly’ snacks:

  • Bread-based snacks i.e. breadsticks and dips, crumpets/toast with low fat spread, pitta bread and houmous.
  • Vegetable crudités i.e. chop up sticks of carrots, cucumber and peppers and dip in to low fat natural yoghurt or houmous.
  • Fruit – where possible choose fresh whole fruit as these are kinder to teeth. However, dried fruit taken with a meal or yoghurt can be a nourishing choice. Frozen and tinned fruit (tinned in their natural juices) are also good choices of fruit. Fruit juices and smoothies can be highly cariogenic (lead to tooth decay) so only have these with a meal.
  • Others – try a handful of nuts or a little sandwich.

REMEMBER: if you suffer from vomiting avoid toothbrushing straight away. The abrasive process of brushing teeth can damage your enamel and increase your risk of developing dental caries. Instead rinse your mouth with water or a mouth wash and wait for 30-40minutes before brushing!

It is really important to eat well – your babies teeth start to develop between 6–8 weeks of pregnancy!