Babies teeth actually start to develop whist baby is still in the womb. Teeth generally start to show (erupt) from around 6 months of age, however, each child is different so timings can vary. Your baby should eventually have 20 teeth!

Primary Eruption – this is just a guide.

Some teeth erupt with no pain or discomfort whereas other times the gum may become sore or swollen, baby’s cheeks may also appear flushed. There are a variety of teething aids available:

Teething rings

It can sometimes be useful to give your baby something to chew on. This can also distract them from the pain. Some rings can be cooled in the fridge which can have an additional soothing effect.

Teething gels

Sugar-free gels can be used from 4 months of age. These act to numb the pain and some may even prevent infection due to containing antiseptic. These can usually be obtained from your local chemist. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Pain relief

There are a number of pain relief medications available specifically for children, these normally contain paracetamol or ibuprofen and should be sugar-free. Make sure you follow the manufacturers guidelines.


Try giving your baby some cold, sugar-free snacks to chew on i.e. raw vegetables or fruit.

A toothbrush!!

A baby toothbrush can be a great way to massage the gums. Your baby may even like to sit in the bath and have a go themselves!