Most dentists and doctors advise against mouth piercings and tooth jewellery.

There are lots of risks:
Infections, pain and swelling, speech impediments i.e. lisps, breathing problems, breaking/chipping of teeth, scarring and nerve damage, gum problems and choking!

If you do have a mouth piercing – look after your mouth by:

  • Always keeping the area clean.
  • Avoid touching it directly.
  • Suck on ice to help soothe pain and swelling.
  • Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash/salt wash.
  • Do not smoke as this increases the risk of infection.

If you have a tongue piercing:

  • Brush the tongue, stud/bardell twice a day.
  • Remove the stud at least once a month to clean thoroughly.
  • Do not use ordinary jewellery cleaners as they will irritate the mouth.
  • Regularly check the jewellery is still intact.
  • Do not fiddle or play with the stud.
  • Take care when chewing to avoid biting or knocking the stud.

In the event of an infection – if there is any swelling, discharge, bad smell or rash - contact your GP or dentist ASAP!

If you chip/crack a tooth – see your dentist!

If you are having difficulties swallowing or breathing – seek urgent medical help!