Children aged 12 –16 years should visit the dentist at least every 6 months.

At this age appearance/image becomes quite important. You may have concerns about the look of your teeth – maybe they overlap, have big gaps between, or you may be worried about the colour.

Remember – everyone has a different shade of teeth just like we all have different skin tones! Teeth should be a creamy off-white colour as this shows they are nice and strong.

Things that can stain teeth include: tea, coffee, poor oral hygiene and smoking.

There are lots of celebrities that seem to have straight, bright white teeth. They pay £1000's for this treatment and the end result may leave them with very sensitive teeth.

If you have any concerns about your teeth – speak to your dentist, they may refer you to an Orthodontist.

If you need to find an NHS dentist try the following: