Every child will at some time get a 'wobbly tooth.' It is important to look after your child’s baby teeth as they are the foundations for their 'big' teeth.

When a child gets a wobbly tooth, it is best to encourage the child to wobble it with their tongue as much as possible. This will speed up the process and keep the area clean.

A wobbly tooth is being pushed out by the new tooth. It is really important to keep cleaning the wobbly tooth even though it may become very difficult, please persevere as it is really important to keep your child’s mouth clean and healthy.

Handy hints to clean a wobbly tooth:

  • Encourage the child to put their tongue behind the wobbly tooth when cleaning.
  • Use a cloth to clean the tooth.
  • A wobbly tooth will eventually bleed, do not let this put your child off.
  • Keep motivating to ensure the area is clean.

Don’t forget about the tooth fairy!