Mouth Cancer Action Month 2015

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The Tooth Fairies have been biting back!

Every November, the British Dental Health Foundation runs Mouth Cancer Action Month to promote ‘if in doubt, get checked out’.

A huge part of the campaign is to raise awareness of early detection and living a healthy lifestyle.

This year the Mouth Cancer Foundation Trust has also launched a ‘Bite Back at Mouth Cancer’ campaign to encourage people to ‘self-check’.

The Trust’s Oral Health Promotion Team (the Tooth Fairies)has supported Mouth Cancer Action Month alongside dental practices, encouraging clients and local communities to become more ‘mouthaware’.

As well as providing all dental practices with promotional resources, the Tooth Fairies hosted promotional events at Stapleford Care Centre and Park House.

Key information about mouth cancer

  • Around 18 people every day are diagnosed with mouth cancer
  • More than 2,000 people lose their life to mouth cancer in the UK every year – that’s more than through road traffic accidents, or cervical and testicular cancer combined
  • One in three are unsure if they are at risk of mouth cancer
  • Half would leave a mouth ulcer for more than a month before seeking medical advice
  • More than a third do not realise smoking tobacco is linked to the disease
  • Mouth cancer is the UK’s 16th most common cancer
  • It is twice as common in men than women
  • 86% of cases are diagnosed in those over 50
  • More than half of UK cases are linked to a poor diet
  • Mouth cancer is 2.5 times higher in those with periodontal disease and 60 times higher in people with six or more missing teeth.

Two thirds of mouth cancer cases are linked to smoking tobacco

  • A morning cigarette doubles the chances of developing the disease
  • Those who smoke and drink alcohol to excess put themselves at risk by up to 30 times.

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