It's Never too late to smile!

Staff working with older people are being invited to attend a training day!

This interactive session will give you the motivation, knowledge, skills and confidence to promote oral health to your clients.

Old initiatives included:

The Healthy Mouths Accreditation

The Accreditation Status:

The following standards must be completed with accompanying evidence provided in a logbook.

Criteria 1: Nominate two Oral Health Champions.
Criteria 2: Oral Health Champions to deliver annual Oral Health training session to Staff.
Criteria 3: Champions to promote oral health to residents & families (at least once a year).
Criteria 4: To have an active Oral Health Policy.
Criteria 5: Each resident to have an Oral Health Care Plan. (To be completed on admission and reviewed at least every 12months)
Criteria 6: Establishment to access local dental services.

The ‘Champions’ will be expected to support the establishment to meet and maintain a set of criteria.

On reaching Accreditation the residential home will receive a certificate.

Continuous support is available from the Oral Health Promotion Team to achieve and maintain standards.