Thank you for choosing the “Teeth Tools for Schools” Oral Health Programme.

As you know this is a really special time to introduce your students to the importance of oral health and how to maintain a happy smile. This will help to instil lifelong oral health habits.

We hope you are successful working with this programme and we encourage you to supplement this guidance with “real” dental experiences i.e. dental professionals, dental visits, dental resources…

Remember that your school may require special permission to deliver certain activities. Be sure to follow your schools policy.

We welcome your feedback and ideas to develop this programme further. There is an action group that supports the development of this initiative, if you would like to be involved please contact the Oral Health office.

As this is an active programme, new inserts will be sent to you as the programme develops. Please insert at the appropriate section to keep your copy up to date.

Kind Regards
The Oral Health Promotion Team

About Teeth Tools For Schools

This guidance will hopefully support the planned educational activities at your establishment. It is split into year groups but please feel free to take activities that are relevant to your student’s abilities and needs.

Choose the activities and deliver with enthusiasm (and a smile!) to ensure the greatest impact.

Oral health is an important factor for a healthy body.

Contents of Teeth Tools For Schools

General Oral Health Information
1. What Is Oral Health?
2. All about teeth
3. Oral Hygiene
4. Oral Conditions
5. Gum Disease
6. Oral Complaints
7. Nutrition
8. Dental Services
9. Dental Treatments
10. Oral Health Promotions
11. The Oral Health Resource Centre

Foundation Stage
Foundation Stage 1
Foundation Stage 2

Key Stage 1
Year 1
Year 2

Key Stage 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

Additional Resources
A Whole School Approach

Supporting Documents
1. Acknowledgements
2. Interactive Activities
3. Dental Library
4. Molar Music - Songs & Poems
5. Template - Parent Letter
6. Template - Certificate
7. Toothbrushing Chart
8. How to Brush Your Teeth
9. Brushing with Electric and Battery Brushes
10. Useful Numbers